10 things you should know about Nigeria’s RE policy

Below are ten things you should know about Nigeria’s renewable energy policy – The National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy.

  1. It was endorsed as a policy document on April 20, 2015 by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) and called National Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy (NREEEP).
  2. It is the first and only coordinated tool to drive renewable energy development and improve energy efficiency in Nigeria.
  3. It identifies and accepts that the national grid is limited in reach, and so sees RE as the best solution to bridge this gap.
  4. It marks the initial steps of aligning Nigeria with the ECOWAS renewable energy and energy efficiency policies (EREP), (EEEP).
  5. It mandates that a national renewable energy action plan (NREAP) and a national energy efficiency action plan (NEEAP) be set up and implementation timeline agreed.
  6. It makes it mandatory for the Ministry of Power to facilitate the development of an integrated resource plan (IRP) and ensure the continuous monitoring and review of the implementation and effectiveness of the action plans agreed.
  7. It facilitates the establishment of a framework for sustainable financing of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and programmes in Nigeria.
  8. It is uniquely focused on hydro power, biomass, solar, wind, geothermal, wave and tidal energy power generations.
  9. It projects a national generation profile of 6,156MW and 12,801MW of hydropower, 3.4MW and 11.7.MW of biomass power, 1,343MW and 6,831MW of solar power, and 631MW and 3,211MW of wind energy by 2020 and 2030.
  10. It mandates government to provide guarantees and financial frameworks to stimulate the expansion of Nigeria’s renewable electricity market.

Nigeria's renewable energy policy - NREEEP

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