Kaduna earmarks 300 communities for mini grid power investment

Awaits NERC’s ratification of mini grid regulation

Kaduna State government has identified 300 communities within the state that have potentials for mini grid power supply, and will be working to attract private sector investments in them

The Managing Director of Kaduna State Power Supply Company (KSPSC), Dr. Abdulkarim Mayere disclosed on Wednesday at the ongoing Nigeria Alternative Energy Expo (NAEE) in Abuja that the government was looking out for the ratification of a mini grid regulation by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to invite private investors to the communities.

Mayere stated at the opening session of the conference that the state had recently approved an energy policy which favoured renewable energy investments in the state.

He explained the policy has jettisoned the old practice of awarding contracts for installation of electrical poles, wires and transformers in rural communities as part of an electrification plan and will now concentrate on using mini grid solutions to provide communities access to power.

According to him, the policy target a continuous increase in the state’s electricity generation capacity through mini grids, improve rural access to electricity as well as emphasis on energy conservation.

He also stated that Kaduna has an energy need of 580MW but gets just about 200MW from the national grid, adding that plans to make up the deficit will see renewable energy sources contributing 50 per cent to the mix.

Mayere noted that by 2020, the state hopes to add additional 1000MW to its overall energy outlay, with renewables contributing 50 per cent of that.