People now making DIY solar batteries from recycled Laptop Batteries

Perhaps, out of creativity or necessity, more people now eagerly build DIY solar batteries, to fit on and collect electricity from solar panels. OGN reports.

Old laptop batteries are now being retrofitted to provide backup power at night when connected to solar panels in solar powering systems. Up to 100 previously worn out batteries are connected in a circuit using soldered copper to form one super powered battery much like Tesla’s acclaimed Powerwall (solar home battery backup) and are then connected for use in households. This essentially eliminates the need to buy bigger and costlier batteries as a backup for when the sun ceases to shine.

Championed by several “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) websites, and other generic social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube, renewable energy hobbyist engineers are being taught how to make these super batteries loosely called the “18650 Busbar”, due to their preferred use of the 18650 lithium-ion batteries.

A DIY powerwall Courtesy:

To buttress the novelty of the ingenuity and its benefits to humankind, several scientists and renewable energy aficionados have lauded this push online, expressing their belief of it being a check against the health and environmentally degrading menace of battery dumping in landfills and refuse sites.

In Nigeria, other industry players have also thrown their weights behind the move, stating that batteries including inverter batteries can be recycled by up to 92 per cent and still retain its maximum lifecycle.

As it is, creators claim to have made powerwalls ranging from 28kwh to as much as 40kWh, and considering the massive difference in costs between the busbars and conventional large scale batteries they are and will continue to gain ground in the renewable energy market which is yet to see total corporate domination like other energy markets.