Car maker, Mercedes-Benz enters competition for electric vehicle market shares

Mercedes-Benz has launched its first production of electric vehicle (EVs), indicating a potential rivalry for share of the electric market which Tesla currently holds, a report from has said.

Christened the EQC, Mercedes-Benz said it is about the first in a long line of its EVs that will come into the market in full force in the next five years or thereabout.

“With the EQC – the first fully electric SUV from Mercedes-Benz – we are flipping the switch,” said Mercedes Benz chairman, Dieter Zetsche.

Zetsche explained, “Electric drive is a major component in the mobility of the future. We are therefore investing more than 10 billion euros in the expansion of our EQ model portfolio, and more than one billion euros in global battery production.”

Accordingly, the EQC shares basic underpinnings with the tried and tested C-Class and GLC SUV. It is also a mid-size electric SUV which can reportedly go head-to-head with the likes of the Tesla Model X and the coming Jaguar I-Pace, due in October.

It also follows a similar format to the all-wheel drive Tesla and Jaguar with an electric motor powering each axle. The dual electric motors endow the SUV with deep power reserves making a combined 300kW and 765 Newton Meter (Nm).

Reports indicate its top speed is limited to 180km/h and it can sprint from a standstill to 100km/h in 5.1 seconds.

Further, an 80kWh battery gives the EQC a claimed range of more than 450km. The vehicle can equally be charged at home through regular power point or a Mercedes Benz installed Wallbox for increased speed.

Additionally, the quickest possible top-up is by a direct current fast-charging station which can add 70 per cent battery life in 40 minutes.

Mercedes Benz, however indicated the EQC could be the first of 10 electric models planned to enter production by 2022. According to it, next up is the EQA compact hatch – the urban focused EV, shown in concept form at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show, is expected to be revealed in production guise next year.

Additional media reports suggested Mercedes Benz could be aiming to end Tesla’s reign over the electric car market. Tesla has reportedly sold more than 300,000 electric cars since 2010, and claims it will reach profitability this year with the Model 3, the world’s second mass-market EV after Chevrolet’s Bolt.